Monday 10 December 2018


Fauji Foundation of India is a Section 8, non-profit company registered under Indian Companies Act in June 2018. We are here to carry out welfare activities for widows of soldiers, their dependents and disabled soldiers primarily in non-govermnental realm.

In India there are 30 Lakh Ex-Servicemen (ESM), with an average of four dependents per ESM it combines to a strength to 1.20 Crore. Plus many Jawans, JCOs and officers retiring every year add to the pool. Thus, there exists a vast pool of trained, disciplined and motivated section of retired Armed Forces personnel (Faujis) in India untapped so far for constructive nation building. For the last 72 years in India we do not have any not-for-profit organisation to work for the cause of Faujis at national level with a visionary charter to carry out welfare and growth activities for retired Armed Forces Personnel and their dependents.

Capt Prasoon Kumar (Publisher) and Maj Maroof Raza (Editor), both Indian Army veterans have been running this magazine called ‘Fauji India’ since Aug 2014. They realised during course of their meetings and discussions with Faujis and Corporates to extend the scope of the magazine to a non-profit foundation to harness CSR initiatives of corporates. During their engagement with Faujis they found keen interest to participate once such a platform is in place. This made them to understand that public participation is possible and the time is opportune to form a non-profit platform for the welfare of Faujis of India in sync with the outlined mandate.

In background of this, it infers that the ‘Fauji India’ magazine has created a sound platform to rally like-minded Faujis together to create such a Foundation and carry out non-profit welfare activities for the Armed Forces fraternity.

Disclaimer: In no way we are modelled on the lines of Fauji Foundation (Pakistan), which is controlled by their serving army personnel and is a corrupt organisation. Unlike them we are not under any govt perview or controlled by serving personnel of the Indian Armed Forces. We are here to fill the gap for welfare measures not being done by our govt or not under their ambit. We are a committed and ethical group of military veterans to carry out serious work.


PATRONS: Air Chief Marshal PV Naik, AVSM, PVSM (Retd) | Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma (Retd)
MENTOR: Lt Gen Ata Syed Hasnain (Retd) |
ADVISORS: Maroof Raza, Veteran, Col Dharmendra Singh (Retd), Cdr GJ Singh (Retd), Maj DP Singh, Veteran | Maj Navdeep Singh (Retd) | Col Vinay Dalvi (Retd), Col SK Suri, MD (Retd)
CEO: Capt Prasoon Kumar, Veteran

Executive Committee Members: Lt Gen Ata Syed Hasnain (Retd), Maroof Raza, Veteran, Col Dharmendra Singh (Retd), Maj DP Singh, Veteran and Capt Prasoon Kumar, Veteran

Vision – To become a leading non-profit platform of ‘Faujis’ synergising vast latent energy of ESMs (Veterans) to carry out welfare and nation building initiatives for the Armed Forces of India in non-government realm.

Mission – Build the Foundation into a robust organisation spearheading welfare of Veer Naris and their children, Disabled Soldiers, critical medical assistance to needy Jawans and families; employment generation, revenue generation initiatives for the foundation, motivation of youth; identify, mentor and nurture youth leaders, measures to boost image of Armed Forces, media initiatives to bolster image of Faujis and become a collective potent force of ‘Faujis’ of India.

The non-profit welfare purposes for which the foundation is organised is to promote:
·       Financial assistance for advanced medical treatment to needy critical patients of retired Jawans, disabled soldiers and veer-naris in close cooperation with ECHS scheme.
·       Assist in fighting legal cases for pension related issues for veer-naris, disabled Jawans and needy Armed Forces personnel.
·       Skill-development, placement and medical assistance/artificial limbs for war disabled Jawans.
·       Financial assistance by way scholarship to children of martyrs in higher education.
·       Raise funds by membership drive, corporate donations, and charity dinners/event and sponsored Marathon Runs all over the country.
·       Organise boot-camps in youth concentrated areas to motivate them to join Armed Forces.
·       Carry on revenue generation activities by way of publications, sponsored youth-personality contests, manufacturing and service related activities.
·       Organise seminars and conclaves for debating welfare related policy changes for Armed Forces personnel.
·       Coordinate actions with Ministry of Defence for Jawan’s welfare and pension related anomalies.
·       In future build speciality hospitals, college/university and Homeland Security Training Institute.

1. Provide financial assistance to widows of soldiers where pension is denied or under legal cases.
2. Provide financial assistance to meritorious children of martyred and disabled soldiers for higher education.
3. Provide financial assistance for medical treatment of critical care of illness/surgery of veterans.
4. Provide skill-training to released Jawans and JCOs and assist in their placement in Civvy Street.
5. Provide financial aid for eqpt to disabled soldiers like: Wheelchair, artificial limbs and Blade to aspring sportsmen.

The Foundation runs on voluntary donations from individuals of civil society, armed forces fraternity, corporates and trusts. We are not supported by the government or any other agency of the state. Since the Foundation is in a nascent stage, donations are utmost important to build a corpus fund to carry out our objectives.


Bank Name – AXIS Bank, Powai, Mumbai - 400076
Our Savings A/c No – 918 010 071 113 608
(Note: At present we do not have 80G certificate of Income Tax as we are new, we should be applying for the same after some welfare activites are carried out by us)


205, Bldg No 6, Sector 3, Millennium Business Park, MIDC
Mahape, Thane Belapur Road, NAVI MUMBAI 400709
Tel: +91 9820001918, +91 9819613974